Implemented projects

Our company has a successful experience in implementing projects for many Customers, including:

  • 1The construction of wireless networks in PAO ROSTELECOM, equipment supply. 2018 – present time.
  • 2The construction of wireless networks on high-speed transport of PAO RZD and other Customers, equipment supply. 2019 – present time.
  • 3 Construction of Fiber-Optic Cable Line Khabarovsk city - the center of GPKS for the needs of Intersputnik organization. 2016.
  • 4Servicing of the Yamal – Europe Fiber-optic cable line along gas Pipeline, Cable infrastructure in Moscow, Moscow and Kaluga regions of GAZPROM. 2016 - present time.
  • 5Technical support and maintenance of data transmission network in Moscow, St. Petersburg and regional branches throughout the territory of the Russian Federation in GAZPROM. 2016 - present time.
  • 6Design works of the MVNO network in the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Customer - OAO "Interregional TransitTelecom" (OAO MTT). 2015.
  • 7Design of the network connections of GKNPTS Khrunichev to the PAO ROSTELECOM networks in Arkhangelsk, Russia. 2015.
  • 8Modernization of SDH networks of OAO "Interregional TransitTelecom" (OAO MTT). 2015.
  • 9Design of MEN and SDH networks in the regions of the Russian Federation for the needs of PAO "VimpelCom". 2014.
  • 10Construction of a multiservice network "NeoTsentel" PAO "Central Telegraph", equipment supply. 2011 – 2014.
  • 11Post-warranty service of the telephone network equipment of PAO ROSTELECOM (AXE-10,MD-110,SI2000, etc.). 2014 - 2019.
  • 12Construction of radio Relay communication lines (RRL) for OAO "KOMKOR" (AKADO Brand) in the Moscow region. 2014.


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